Environmental Education

Environmental Education 2017-12-08T03:16:21+00:00

“Confident Learners who accept social responsibility and live sustainably”

As an Enviro School we hold the belief that it is important to teach our children about the environment.

Our aim is to provide an excellent education for each child in a caring, happy atmosphere. We want children to feel secure to develop self-confidence in a supportive busy and active environment where learning is central to all we do.

Our students are provided with not only good teaching, but an abundance of activities and opportunities that allow them to enjoy this wonderful setting but also to grow skills to build the qualities that will allow them to live our vision.

We work to be a part of our community having a positive relationship with our neighbour, Te Aute College, spending time at Pukehou Marae, recognising and valuing our local Maunga through naming our House teams after them, and participating in many Central Hawkes Bay events.

Fostering a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably.