Pukehou Whanau and Friends (PWF)

Pukehou Whanau and Friends (PWF) 2019-12-09T20:43:08+00:00

Ringa Manaaki” – supporting hands

Pukehou Whanau and Friends (PWF) encompass all school families, teachers & staff of Pukehou School and people of the Pukehou community that want to contribute to the welfare of Pukehou School. We all have the same goal: “to support the young people of Pukehou School” by working together in a friendly secure environment. The PWF ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in a group that works together for the greater good of our children.

The PWF meets the 2nd week of every term, at school with catch ups lasting for a maximum time of 90minutes.  From there breakout groups are formed (if necessary) to work on a particular project whether that be fundraising, grant applications or helping the school with projects.  Everyone is welcome to attend, with no rules around having to be involved, people can op in or op out depending on their schedules and what is happening in their lives.

For more information contact the PWF (click here)